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Worldwde Property Development website. We aim to promote awareness of Property Development and provide you with the very latest information and links regarding the matter. An important rule of thumb for any budding property developers is to be sure to bear in mind the basic principles of property development above all things when you consider potential properties.

equation of property development...

The basic equation of property development is to buy a property for the minimum amount of money that you can, spend the minimum amount of money as possible on it, develop it in as quick a timeframe as possible to get it up to the standard of build and finish required by your market, and then sell it on for the most profit possible.

All of these requirements are flexible, but they are your foundation principles, and if you try not to stray too far from these in your property transactions, you won’t go wrong and will have built up a successful property portfolio in next to no time.

Property Development requires a certain amount of knowledge regarding the area, potential buyers and potential uses for a building. Not understanding the local market can have a serious affect on the profitability on a property purchase.

property developer plans outlined

If a property developer plans to make an office space they need to understand the type of businesses which they will be targeting. Similarly, if it's a residential property which is being developed, the property developer will need to know the type of housing which is desired in that area (affordable, luxury etc).

is a property is going to be a good investment?

It is critical that you remember a number of different issues when trying to ascertain whether a property is going to be a good investment. Many of these issues will be external to the actual property itself, and be related to the surrounding area, while other will be to do with the property, its condition, and the potential for development. You must bear in mind your target market when considering these issues, as you want to produce an easily saleable property. We would be glad to hear your thoughts and feedback regarding Property Development.

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Property Devlopment across the London and Surrey

Worldwide Property is a husband and wife partnership established in 2007. The partnership now has two established offices in London and Surrey. Both offices situated in areas close to the M25 giving access to the Motorway Network. Weybridge is a busy market town with the majority of businesses being individually owned. The town has improved greatly in recent years but still retains its character. Weybridge is within commuter distance of London. There is a train station in the town giving access to main line stations. Major companies such as 3M's and TNT have recently set up in town and are thriving.

Why Property? More and more people are adding UK and international investment property to their portfolios - it's changing the way we think in the UK about financial planning. The rise in property investing in recent years has been a product of interest rates and stock market returns being low. Some investors have started to notice that their home is their highest performing asset. They've started to ask the question: "What if my property investment was more than just my home? What if it was two, three, four or five properties?" see how one customer built a new home in the sun

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